Red Dew

Red Dew

December 13, 2019 1 By Andre Seth

6 PM

Someday, Little Mai walk along the side road of Greenpark. Her school activity drain a lot of stamina. As a result from After school extra, she is now exhausted. And now she just want to go back home as soon as possible.

The road of Greenpark are pretty quite this day, and the lighting seems a bit dimmed. Rain make the road a bit wet and there are many  puddles. Cold air blew onto her skin, make her sneezing all the way to home. But in her mind, Mai just want to go home quickly and lay in her lovely comfort bed.

Suddenly, she feel something odd. She hear footsteps with exactly same rhythm as her footsteps. Feel a bit afraid, she is speed up her footstep. but the footsteps keep following her rhythm. She encourage herself to look back. And she has not seen anyone behind.


She hit a elder while looking back

“Are you okay, darling?” the elder ask her with soft voice

“I am okay grandma” Mai answering the question while her hands hold tights the grandma’s hand

“You seem a bit afraid, where are you want to go?” grandma seem concern with Mai’s condition

“I am just want to go home, grandma” Mai answer her question

“So, where is your home? I can accompany you” grandma ask about Mai’s destination

“I live at Peach Street Number 42, thanks grandma” Mai feels relieve to meet kind person like the grandma

They are walk together and get a small talks. And when they are pass through a police station. Grandma ask something to Mai.

“Mai, are you thirsty?” again grandma ask her with his soft voice

“How do you know, grandma?” Mai feel really tired and thirsty

“You can drink my water, Mai.” grandma give Mai her water bottle to Mai

Mai drink a lot. She seems very tired and thirsty. Then they continue to walk again.

It just take minutes to suddenly, Mai felt so weak and her body are trembling.

8 PM

“Hey, are you had tie it strong enough?” a young man say to his grandma

“Don’t underestimate me, i know how to tie tightly” grandma answer that young man’s question

They took unconscious Mai into a apartment room. The room are too narrow for three of them. So, the young man move out the unnecessary box in their room.

“I have to throw away this rubbish, you always collect this kind of bottle here” said young man while he grab the bottles and collect them in the box

“Just do what do you want, i will contact Smith to prepare the money for this little girl” she answer his question and take her phone under the bed sheet.

While grandma try to call smith, May get conscious gradually. She try to opened her eyes and find herself in the corner of the room that filled with bottles. With tied hands and leg, she can’t do anything than just laying down.

A few minutes later, grandma seems a little bit upset and throw her phone away.

“Why is that silly man don’t pick up my phone?” With an uneasy face, she ask the question to Mai

“Oh, so you have wake up from your dream and welcome to your nightmare, ha ha ha….” she says that to Mai with really devilish face

*Dor*    *Dor….*

A gun explode near the room. And there are many peoples screams outside. And young man suddenly open the door and bring gun in his right arm.

“This is bad, too bad, we need to go now, quickly grandma” young man tell his grandma to go as soon as possible.

But, when he was go outside and check the corridor a two persons jump and bite her chest off. He is shoot them all in the head. The bites are severe and he lost a lot of blood. Then he say something to his grandma.

“You have to move into Room 432 , i have the keys, and it full of foods for my girlfriend, so please move into that room.” He tell grandma to move away to get safety.

( To be Continue )

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