Red Dew – Rescue

Red Dew – Rescue

March 9, 2020 0 By Andre Seth

8.15 PM

The Young man reach room keys in his pocket. His face mean he suffer unbelievable pain. Grandma can’t wait any longer so she try to reach pocket herself. A moment after, a man show up from the emergency exit in the corner of the apartment corridor. Young man recognize his face, he is Mr.Patrick. He was apartment technician. But now he is different, his mouth covered in blood and his eyes color are grey. He look into the young man then he say

“Help me Billy, i am hungry to death”

Patrick run wildly towards Billy. Billy tries to shoot him, but he keep running wildly. A bullet hit his leg but it don’t stop Patrick to rushing into Billy. Billy’s gun are out of ammo and Patrick limping towards Grandma. He grab her cloth and try to bite her. Grandma than take Billy’s gun and hardly hit it into Patrick’s head. But it just make him back aside and he jump towards grandma. They are fell down into the room that has Mai inside.

Saw the bloody fight in front of her eyes, she is so afraid and closed her eyes. Grandma struggles so hard to not get bitten by Patrick but he finally land a bite at her neck and it make her struggle ends.

The Noises in the corridor attract the other infected humans to show up. Billy have no more hope. Overwhelmed by them Billy and his grandma dies in vain. Their bodies swarmed by the infected while Mai is still untouchable. She just keep silent and don’t move at all because of enormous fear that she have.

10 PM

Mai start to open her eyes while her body are still lay on the floor, she encourage herself to face the reality while her mind always tell this is just a dream. It is so dark and quiet. Wind blows from the window to her body, make her feel a bit cold. She trying to sit down and adapt her eyes on the surrounding place. It is just dark but there are many scream and gun shot out there.

Suddenly, Mai hear sound of chopper. The sound are closer and closer. And it seems on the rooftop area. There are also sound of yelling people arguing something. But Mai can’t hear clearly what happen to them. What Mai think is just where her mom. But she also hear something approach from the emergency exit like where the infected show up before. But, suddenly she feels black out.

10.30 PM

Mai slowly get conscious and hear sound of chopper slowly getting far, and something approach from a room nearby. Getting more terrified Mai feel there is something wrong with her body. But she get confused why the ropes that tied her are gone. She afraid the monster will come again for her. But, she sees something different on the corridor. A masked soldier with well equipped weapon and armor. The soldier look at her and point his weapon on Mai. The soldier call his friend that he is find a little girl in a room.

“Hall One, i found a little girl in a apartment room near the Brighton Church.” the soldier report his finding to headquarter.

“You are approve to kill her if she threaten your life” The headquarter are give him permission to kill if there are dangerous happen

“No, it is weird. She seems healthy and don’t have any symptoms of the infected. Although the surrounding are full of blood splash” the soldier describe the situation for the headquarter

The soldier than slowly approach Mai while her two friend in the back are preparing for the worst.

“Are you okay little girl?” He is asking Mai politely

“I am o…okay” Mai reply with trembling lips

“Can you tell me your name and why you are here with that blood in your hands?” He ask further question

“My n…name is M….Mai, i have b…been kidn…..napped with t….two people that lied on the c…corridor” Mai answer his question while pointing her finger at the dead body of her kidnapper

“Oh shit, this is the real karma” say one of the soldier on the corridor

“Charles, can you bring and look for safe room for her?” ask the team leader while looking around the room.

While he looking around, he see something strange. There a broken rope with blood stains on it on the floor near the dead bodies. But from the response, he clearly sure that this kid aren’t getting infected like other human.

“It seems there are a massacre out here, there are about 5 bodies here” The other officer tell the leader about the bloody scene he see

“It looks they are fight each other. But, there are so many strange things in here” said the officer again

“Let’s just focus on our task, and this little girl are one of it” The team leader

“For now you need to go to safe place with officer Charles.” He say to Mai to go with Charles.

“Yes sir, thank you” Mai reply with small voice

“Charles, take care this little girl, if we are not come back at 7 in the morning and don’t send you any signal, you should take her with our chopper” The soldier give command to one of his subordinate and go away with remaining team.

“Who are you?” Mai asking to Charles.

“We are Special Rescue Team, we have to find out what happen in your town.” Charles reply Mai’s question and start looking the safe room for both of them

“Umm… i know safe room in this apartment” Mai tell Charles about the safe room.

“What do you mean? How you know that?” Charles doubt the information given by Mai

“I know from this man, while he tell her grandma” Mai explain further more to Charles while pointing her finger to the two of her kidnapper body.

“She hold the key to the room, you can search her body” Mai tell Charles about room keys.

Charles start search the key and found silver colored key in the hand of grandma. It have number on it.

“413, this must be the room number, let’s go follow me” Charles tell Mai and start to search the room

In just a few minutes, they found the room 413 and quickly try to unlock it.

Feel relieved with that they are stepping in to the room, and Mai is very curious to know what happen out there. So, she getting close to windows and see something happen.

“Mr. Charles, yo…your… friends are in dang….danger…” Mai tell Charles about the scene that she see through the window.


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